Treasuring people

As the days and years tumble by it’s just so easy to take the people we love for granted, thinking that they’ll always be there. Sitting beside someone recently, who has played a huge part in my life but who is now in deteriorating mental and physical health, my mind kept floating back to all […]

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Getting Inspiration From A Three-Legged Cat

Late one night, a few months ago, our friends’ cat called Poppet dragged herself home with a leg so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. Our friends nursed her back to health, and with just three legs, we re-named her Hoppet. I think most of us expected Hoppet to be left with limited […]

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Changing Feelings with Hypnotherapy and NLP

Have you ever felt really miserable, worried or anxious about something or someone? That kind of feeling that stays with you, like a festering wound, whatever else you’re doing and stops you enjoying your present moment? What do you do when you’ve done all you can to help a situation but maybe a conversation or […]

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Remembering How To Play

Looking out of the window here in Bampton the scene is a winter wonderland. Snow is covering everything in a thick, beautiful white icing. But I think the most wonderful thing I’ve noticed about the snow is that it’s given grown-ups the excuse to play again. Remember when you were a child how you used […]

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What ifs

They’re more disturbing than any Dr Who villain. With a life-force of their own they breed like rabbits. You get one hanging around and then suddenly there are loads, all vying for attention. They are the “What Ifs”. And for many people they come in a worrying or negative guise. Much worse than any Dalek. […]

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